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What I do

The art of my business is getting to the heart of yours.


Your story is more than logos, colors or words. It is a brand. Through discovery we will forge together both the tangible and intangible things that define your core message then deliver that to your audience.


Leverage your brand through unique interactive experiences. Whether it’s launching brand-focused websites, social marketing campaigns, online marketplaces or fully compatible and responsive websites, the user is paramount.


Leave a lasting impression through visceral moving images. Tell stories that captivate. That deliver your message and leave a mark. I can produce commercials, web videos, training videos, short films and animations.

See my process

Hello, I’m Matthew Bumby.

I build brands and craft user experiences.


You see, I have this process.


We start by uncovering your needs and the needs of the brand. To develop a brand we must first discover it.


We take our discovery and provide it with purpose. We plan, we strategize and together we aim for the stars.


With our strategy in place, we take action. Whether I develop your identity or your visible digital presence.


Your brand exists. We launch, we party, we celebrate. Then we make sure your audience finds you.

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